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TV Shows That Made Science and Math Cool

If you’re anything like me, there are certain TV shows that you are glad are gone and others that you really miss. I miss the shows that really made me think and challenged me. As a self-proclaimed nerd/geek, I love TV shows that make math and science cool. Sports channels are cool, too. If you are into skating, you might want to check out

I am also impressed with shows that manage to give watchers the desire to learn more about math and science. Here is a list of some TV shows that make being a math geek or science wiz something to be envied.


If you are of a certain generation, I wouldn’t even need to type anything more than the name. Seriously, the man was able to fix anything using — what — a rusty paperclip and a chewed piece of gum, or whatever else happened to be lying around near him. He made DIYing cool and made us all want to know enough about science and math to be able to get out of any situation, like he did. This is good to know when you are trying to win sports betting games and playing some fun sports betting games via

MacGyver’s knowledge of math and science seemed unprecedented. He knew more than Alex Trebek! And he put all of that — what ordinary people would consider to be useless — knowledge to very good use. He used math and science every week to save lives. He was so good at what he did, that his name has become a verb for some people …”To fix it, I’ll just ‘MacGyver’ it.” They have even used this term on the currently popular TV show “Duck Dynasty.” I really wish they’d bring “MacGyver” back.

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

It really doesn’t matter which version of the show you watch, all of them are just really great science shows. This show is so popular it almost has as many spinoffs as “Law & Order”! The science used to solve crime makes being smart a distinct advantage for the crimefighters.

The shows have had such an influence on people locally that one of our colleges has said that the interest and enrollment in their forensic science degree programs have greatly increased as the popularity of the show increased. After watching the “CSI” TV shows, I can see why people would want to be involved with the high-tech crime-solving methods used today.

“The Big Bang Theory”

Okay, they are pretty geeky but they are also really clever and cool. The genius scientists on today’s number-one show have brought high-level science into prime time. Who knew that physicists could be so much fun?

Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s complicated equations on whiteboards boggle the mind. As does his black list, which includes his arch-enemy, Wil Wheaton. Thank goodness for neighbor Penny, who manages to ask all of the questions we are all wondering, such as, “You did what to the what?”

It does my nerdy/geeky heart good to see that TV is leaning towards making those of us who love math and science cool. Way to go, prime time!

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