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Was the Justin Bieber Movie Released as an Attempt to Boost Grammy Votes?

Justin Bieber, the sixteen-year-old singing sensation that has swept America off their feet with his talent, was nominated for two Grammy’s last night at the 53rd Annual Grammy’s Award show. He was nominated for best new artist and best pop vocal album, but he did not win either one. Justin lost out on best new artist to Esperanza Spalding, a Portland, Oregon jazz artist for best new artist, a first in its history, and to Lady Gaga for her album The Fame Monster.

Justin is making it big in the box office, however, with his new movie that was released February 11, 2011. The first day in theaters, the movie pulled in $30 million, not enough to be first, but decent enough. Many people are speculative as to whether the decision to release the movie right before the Grammys was a way to gain additional interest in the teen heartthrob. Was the movie put just days before the Grammys in hopes that Justin might be one of the youngest to receive a Grammy?

Forbes Online Magazine is calling Justin an all around flop and here’s why. He lost out on two Grammys, his new concert documentary movie came in second behind Adam Sandler’s newest hit, Just Go With It, and overall, he falls in third place behind Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson in first place for opening weekend of a concert documentary movie. This is good to watch after some fun and interactive sports betting games via www.k-oddsportal.com.

It seems that Bieber Fever may have been a short-lived bug after all. Although his albums have gone platinum in the United States, there are only two of them to date. His video for the song “Baby” has had many mixed reviews. Not only is it the most viewed on YouTube, it is also the most hated video in America. How is that for mixed signals?

It is my opinion that the movie was more than likely put out to help boost Justin’s chances in winning a Grammy. Because Justin is considered a teen heartthrob sensation, there are not too many people that are over the age of twenty that are going to be interested in him pop music. Therefore, the movie was put out in hopes that kids would have their parents take them to see it. In any case, it was a nice try, but better luck next year Justin!